5th Grade Champion Middle School Students Visit Swine Creek

Fun at Swine Creek


5th grade Champion Middle School students recently visited Swine Creek Park in Geauga County as part of their annual Science Day!  One valuable lesson students learned was about the importance of biodiversity in the creek.  Swine Creek is a tributary of the Grand River and part of the Lake Erie watershed. Students looked for certain indicator species of macro-invertebrate animals..  When these indicator species are present in a river or stream this indicates that the water quality is good.  Students were happy to find indicator species and were able to determine that Swine Creek is healthy. While hiking in the park students also learned that high biodiversity of living species in our forests and fields leads to healthy food chains and food webs in an ecosystem. A special thanks to the Champion High School Envirothon members who volunteer and help make this yearly event a success.

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