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CHAMPION — After reading the book “The Outsiders” by S. E. Hinton in their language arts classes, eighth-graders at Champion Middle School took part in all-day learning activity based on the book.

Eighth-grade teachers Jessica Hrubik and Kathleen Bronson coordinated Outsiders Day with activities held from the start of school to the end of school.

Students kicked the day off with chocolate milk and chocolate cake, which were popular “breakfast foods” of the book’s characters. There were different activity stations using all subject areas based on the book. The 1983 movie with Tom Cruise and Patrick Swayze also was shown.

“We have held this day for several years. (Principal) Heather Campbell read where another school held an Outsiders Day with an article in the newspaper about it. We decided to expand our day, letting the students contribute to the day in a way they have not done before,” Hrubik said.

She said the educational and fun activities incorporate every subject area such as graphing math equations imposed onto a map of the school with equations leading students to trivia questions about the book.

“It was like a big scavenger hunt. For science, they used Newton’s Law and the book’s characters. In history they had to arrange events in chronological order for a timeline that helped solve clues on the scavenger hunt,” Hrubik said.

There were reading activities from the 1960s and trivia with leather jackets and coke bottles.

Hrubik said students watched the movie and then in language arts wrote an essay comparing and contrasting the book and the movie.

“We wanted to connect all subjects. The students did not know what we had planned for the day,” she said, noting many activities were a surprise for the students.

Students Chris Plott, 14, and Evan Knepper, 13, said they enjoyed the book

“I was excited and surprised of what activities we would be doing,” Plott said.

Knepper said the activities were not what he expected.

“They are bringing the novel to life,” Campbell said.

Bronson said the event was held during the day before parent-teacher conferences that evening with parents also interested in what their children did.

“The book is classic young adult novel about teenagers and what issues affected their lives. The students got into their own gangs, or teams, to compete in dodgeball in gym or complete five major tasks,” Bronson said.

She said the gym activity was like “a rumble” from the book.

Bronson said with students dressing up as characters, there was a fashion show. Students also took part in a Kahoot game based on the book.

“It was really a fun and educational day,” she said.

article by Bob Coupland

Article Appeared in the October 19, 2018 edition of the Tribune Chronicle

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