Trout in the Classroom Program Swims into Champion Middle School


Champion Middle School was recently shipped 100 new temporary residents. As part of the "Trout in the Classroom" program, Mr. Murduck received 100 baby Rainbow Trout from the London Ohio state fish hatchery. Mr. Murduck has been preparing for the arrival of the fish.

Since the fish require 50-55 degree water temperatures, a grant from the Inland Seas Education Association paid for an $800 chiller unit that keeps the water cold.  Money from a state "In-Step" grant from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources paid for special filters and equipment to keep the fish healthy until they can be released this May in the Grand River in Ashtabula County.

Although Rainbow Trout, sometimes called Steel Head Trout, are not native to Ohio Rivers or streams like Brook Trout they have been introduced as a popular sport fish.  Rainbow Trout can reach 20-30 inches in length and usually weigh 2 to 8 pounds.  They can only survive in clean waters and live 4-6 years in the wild if not eaten by larger fish, raccoon, eagles, or heron. Raising the trout in the classroom enhances student real world learning and supports Ohio academic learning standards.tank

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