“A PAX leader is a person who works hard to do and say things that make our world a better place.”



Champion Central Elementary School is a community of learners.  Champion students are expected to stay focused, want to learn, accept ourselves and others, stay safe, and be helpful (focused learners: accepting, safe, and helpful). We are all here to learn, grow and become productive citizens through modeling appropriate social-emotional behavior and allowing for daily practice to help students succeed throughout their academic and social career at Champion Local Schools and beyond. 


The Positive Behavior Support Plan is designed to help create a climate of cooperation, academic excellence, respect and safety at the Champion Central Elementary School. The following five guiding principles will help create an optimal learning environment for the students:


  1. Clear expectations for student behavior. 

  2. Clear and consistent strategies for teaching appropriate behavior.

  3. Clear and consistent strategies for encouraging appropriate behavior.

  4. Clear and consistent consequences that discourage inappropriate 


  5. Clear plans and strategies for communicating the Positive Behavior Support

     Plan to students and parents.



Positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS) is a way for schools to encourage good behavior. With PBIS, schools teach kids about behavior, just as they would teach about other subjects like reading or math. The focus of PBIS is prevention, not punishment. 



PAX which means Peace, Productivity, Health, and Happiness. All of us here are PAX Leaders.  A PAX Leader is a person who works hard to do and say things that make our world a better place. 

We are here to: better ourselves, better our community, better our world. 


Each classroom will complete a PAX vision. This vision will discuss what the students want to see, hear, do and feel MORE of within their classroom community. Additionally, students will discuss what they would like to see, hear, do and feel LESS of within their classroom community.


Within each classroom, hallway, bathroom, and cafetorium, the students will be expected to use PAX Quiet and PAX Hands.


PAX Quiet

  • Stop what you are doing

  • Stop talking

  • Raise hand in PAX

  • Eyes on adults


PAX Hands make peace, productivity, health, and happiness for all. PAX hands never hurt. 


WOW! We are on track!

When the students are being PAX Leaders, they will be rewarded with a Granny’s Wacky Prize. This special prize consists of an engaging task for the students to complete!



Spleems are all the behaviors we see in school that we want to see less of, get rid of, or fix. 



Homework varies from grade to grade. We ask that parents support our efforts at home. 



DAILY PARENT COMMUNICATION -  Daily communication is through the Purple Folder. Further communication with parents is through Class Dojo and Bloomz dependent on teacher and grade level. 



GRANNY’S WACKY PRIZE- an engaging break for PAX leadership behavior. Can be whole class, small group, or individual. 


SUPERIOR HONOR ROLL (All A’s IN GRADE 4) – Students who earn all A’s on their report card will be acknowledged. 


HONOR ROLL (A’s and B’s) – Students who earn all A’s and B’s on their report card will be recognized. 


PERFECT ATTENDANCE – Students who are not absent, tardy, or dismissed early will be recognized. 


BUS AWARDS and Car Rider Dismissals 


Bus drivers and Staff on dismissal duty  have the opportunity to reward students for good behavior with a colored ticket.  These tickets will be entered into a drawing for “Pizza with the Principal”. This will occur every 9 weeks.


FLASH- Focus, Learning, Accepting, Safe, Helpful


PBIS Matrix





-Walking feet

-Quiet Voices

-Hands to self

-Body Control

-Personal Space

-Smile/wave (saying hello)

-Manners (thank you, please, you’re welcome)

-Holding door 

-Be helpful



-Walking feet


-Stay on sidewalk


-Walking Feet

-Quiet voice

-Hands to self

-Focus on designation


-Help others

-Keep hands to self

-Be respectful of property

-Keep hallway lockers clean and organized 

-Quiet voices

-Respect others’ belongings


-Picking up paper towels if you drop them

-Take care of business

-Wash hands

-Don’t look under stalls

-Return to class promptly

-Keep clean


-Wait your turn


-Be considerate

-Respectful language 



-Hands to yourself

-Use equipment appropriately in designated areas

-Taking turns

-Respectful: be kind

-Including others

-Help others

-Treat equipment with care

-Kind words

-Good sportsmanship

-Following directions

-Care for others and equipment

-Kind words

-Hands and feet to self at all times


-Eating food

-Not playing with food

-Staying in seat

-Legs stay under table

-Cleaning up after yourself (trash, food on floor)

-Table manners

-Using manners

-Including each other

-Positive communication/conversation

-Showing adult respect


-Eat own food

-mindful of others lunch

Assembly/School Events/Field Trips/Bus

-Sitting correctly

-Eyes on the speaker

-Appropriate voices


-Be present

-Mindful of speaker

-Hands to yourself

-Hands to yourself

-Eyes on the speaker

-Using safety rules


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