Student Athletes and the NCAA

          Athletes expecting to attend an NCAA college and play varsity sports at a Division I or II college must meet certain requirements to be eligible to play in their freshman year. Students graduating from high school and wanting to participate in a Division I college program must have attained at least a 2.000 grade point average in fourteen core courses and have achieved a minimum score on the SAT or ACT based on a variable index scale according to the grade point average earned in the core courses. Students interested in participating at a Division II college must meet the 2.000 GPA requirement in fourteen core courses and achieve a combined score on the SAT of 820 or a sum score of 68 on the ACT.
          For many students, the freshman year grades become the most troublesome when trying to meet the NCAA requirements. Parents of freshmen student-athletes are encouraged to emphasize the importance of doing well academically from the beginning of the high school experience with their son or daughter. A strong foundation will give students an opportunity to succeed in later years. For a list of CHS courses that meet NCAA standards, contact your child's counselor.

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