1 to 1 Chromebook Initiative

Last Updated: 8/24/2021 5:43 PM

1 to 1 Chromebook Initiative

The Chromebook 1 to 1 Initiative places a device in the hands of every student, grades K-12. This allows us to eliminate computer labs, while increasing computer access to every student in the district. Grades K-3 students will each have access to a Chromebook in their classroom. Grades 4-12 students will have access to Chromebooks daily during the school day as well as have the opportunity to bring the Chromebook home.


Highlights of the Chromebook Initiative include:

  • A Chromebook for every student in grades K-12
  • Google Apps for Education accounts for every student
  • Palo Alto and Securly filtering for web safety and security
  • Web based curriculum
  • Custom Apps with web resources

For additional technology help, call any building and dial or ask for extension 1000 or email tech@championlocal.org

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