Champion High School expands drug testing

Drug free school zone

Champion High School athletes will be tested for drugs at the start of each sports season beginning with the 2017-18 school year.  

CHS conducts random drug testing on high schoolers who participate in any extracurricular activities, apply for a parking permit or play in sports. Athletes will remain as participants in the random testing pool but in addition will be required to take a baseline drug assessment at the beginning of every sports season in which they want to participate.  With this additional testing Champion Schools joins with several other school districts  in Trumbull County doing testing of athletes.  

Because students in marching band receive a grade, they are not drug tested as long as they are not participating in any other activity.  Students who take graded courses are excluded by law from being part of random testing.  Nearly 80% of the high school student body participates in at least one of these 3 areas(extracurricular activities, apply for a parking permit or play in sports).

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