CES Coffee Minutes with Principal & Parents

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Participants: Amelia Karousis, Angela Pruitt, Jody Hill, Dan LaValliere, Abby Lavalliere, Jessica Gribble, Jason Gribble, Ali Nannicola, CES Principal, Pamela Hood, Superintendent


Lunch Before Recess?

Question:  Why the reason for holding lunch before recess?

Response:  Kids rush through lunch-won’t finish lunch because eager to get outside for recess.  Kids are more settled for lunch following recess.  30 minutes to eat lunch and 20 minutes for recess.

Student forgot sandwich


Denied a sandwich

Question:  My child forgot his sandwich-went through the lunch line with his lunchbox and was denied sandwich.

Response: Mrs. Nannicola to review procedure as this is incorrect.  Will follow through with cafeteria staff.


Extras Not Available for child when still hungry

Question:    My child wants more to eat and has money to buy but often extras not available.
Response: Lunch counts taken in the morning and lunches planned out to avoid waste.  Parents say they are packing extra food for children you need more to eat.


Separation of Students –CES and CMS at new school?

QuestionWill students be separated from upper classmen in new schools

Response:  Yes….5-8 wing doesn’t cross over the preK-4 wing.  Separate gyms.  Schedules different for lunch.  Kids will not be mingling in halls with upper level students.  Still maintain separate bus entrance arrival and dismissal times for PK-4 and 5-8 (which rides with the HS).


Class sizes in K

Question:       What is happening with the large size in K?

Class sizes large in K but glad the K teachers have aides

Response: Standard class size is 25…this year view the large size K as a bubble..just a big class…more 27 and one at 29.  Every K received an aide for extra set of hands this year.  Don’t expect this to be a regular year occurrence but will monitor best we can.  Prefer class sizes 23-27. K-4.


Comment Only:  Pre School Night was awesome-great program…thank you


Procedure for getting into Central’s Pre School Program

Question:  What is the procedure for applying to get student into either of the two preschool programs? 

Response:  Two TCESC Preschools are housed at Champion Central.

  • Both units are a balance of non special needs preschoolers (must be Champion resident) and special needs preschoolers (who do not need to be Champion resident )
  •  The preschoolers who have special needs (deaf or other) are tested and identified and placed in one of the preschools if they qualify.  
  • Champion resident non special needs preschoolers are selected through a Lottery drawing.   Registration packets are taken through Central Elementary School and passed to the TCESC.  Must be 4 by August 1.  If child is 5, they cannot be registered.?

Dear Parents:  Thank you for hosting and attending this coffee.  Please advise Mrs.Nannicola  @ alexandra.nannicola@neomin.com if you have comments on the coffee minutes. 

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