Central Elementary and Champion Middle Slated for Demolition

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Central Elementary and Champion Middle Slated for Demolition

Submitted by Pamela Hood, Superintendent. 

The State of Ohio has allocated billions of dollars for the rebuilding of Ohio Public school district buildings.  This funding measure was passed nearly thirty years ago to assist public schools which did not have the financial resources  to address aging buildings.  The State devised an assessment to evaluate school facilities and put every school district in Ohio on a valuation list.  That valuation list ranked every Ohio school district from poorest valuation  to highest. The State then developed a ratio to helping co-fund each district facility project.  The poorest districts were funded by the State at  nearly 90%  State  dollars with the highest valuation  districts to receive a very modest portion of State help.  

When Champion Schools became eligible several years ago to take part in the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission Project for funding  new schools, the State assistance was 57% of the overall cost for rebuilding the Champion School facilities. Each Champion School building was assessed by the OFCC and ranked by degree of condition. Central Elementary and Champion Middle School received very low ratings by the State. Thus the State recommended both of these buildings be torn down and rebuilt.  

In accepting the State’s offer of co-funding for new school buildings the District  must comply  with the OFCC mandates.  Also in accepting the State money the District must comply  with the size and options for new buildings.  If a district wanted more than the State program permits,  the local district would be held responsible for funding  those options with its own dollars- no State help. 

As such Champion Schools have two new schools at a total cost  of $ 31 million dollars with the State paying $ 17 million of that total cost.  The State mandates demolition of any school building it is co- funding.

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