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CHAMPION — High school students teaching Spanish to second-graders, and middle and high school students working on a joint art project are just some of the ways all three schools are able to collaborate on projects now that all the buildings are on one campus.

More than 100 people attended this week’s “State of the Schools” program, which highlighted new programs this year, including a puppet program in visual art teacher Sandy Ciminero’s middle school art classes.

Ciminero said a puppet play entitled “Xeno’s Journey,” was written and directed by seventh-grader Dalaney Schlesinger and was performed at the open house.

Schlesinger designed the puppets in the play and had a small crew to help paint them with help from students Alexa Bailes, Willow Catron and Celeste Box. The audio was pre-recorded by Cinemagic Productions with Dalaney, Channing Fox, Hayes Yocum and Alayna Wildman providing the different voices.

Ciminero said the puppets were made from cardboard positioned on sticks, and they will be presented in front of a large puppet stage with several panels from CMS’s Jungle Book.

Ciminero spoke about the Louise Nevelson art project between the high school and middle school students and a new puppet program with the eighth graders and the elementary students based on empathy.

The Nevelson project had Champion students working with the Butler Institute of American art to create a statue.

Superintendent Pamela Hood said the “State of the Schools” included a dialogue with parents and the board.

Another collaborative program is high school Spanish students teaching Spanish to second graders at the elementary school.

“The elementary students were exposed to Spanish. Next year, we will expand to include second to fourth grades and include Spanish, American Sign Language and French,” Hood said.

Ideas from the forum included having high school students be mentors for elementary students; having students at all three buildings do STEM and combining efforts for one big project; build the robotics program starting with elementary up through high school; holding more campus-wide pep rallies; having elementary students visit high school science classes; exposing more elementary students to foreign language programs; and having high school band students help middle school band classes,

Ideas to improve the buildings included covering empty wall space with more student work, installing new windows for high school gymnasium, installing air conditioning at the high school, building a covered walkway between the middle and high school buildings, having a police officer direct traffic along Mahoning Avenue during student pickup and increasing walker safety at the high school.

As for safety improvements, ideas included having law enforcement assess the new buildings, including the entryways, having first aid kits in all classrooms, have bigger exit doors, have curtains for classrooms and more drills for students so they know what to do in a crisis.




Source: Tribune Chronicle Sunday, January 20, 2019

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