Two Ways Parents Are Notified of School Closings

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Two Ways Parents Are Notified of School Closings

Submitted by Pamela Hood, Superintendent


Automated Phone Call System

Champion Schools use an automated phone notification system that calls parents and staff when the District is closing schools.  The phone notification system is activated within 5 minutes of the Superintendent’s decision to close schools.  The phone system will disburse the Superintendent’s message within 5 minutes of the message being loaded on the system.  The system will call repeatedly up to 5 times, if needed, to get a response:  parent answering, message machine answering or voicemail.

If a parent experiences concerns with the automated system – please contact:

  • Mrs. Norton, Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent 330-847-2338 or
  • Email or
  • Please state your name, phone number, date of the problem and what the problem was (message cut off, didn’t receive call, etc.) and the District will work to fix the problem.

If your cell phone indicates a MISSED CALL from the school district, please listen to your phone messages prior to calling the school.

Announcement on Television Stations

Champion Schools post school closing information on the following TV stations:  WFMJ, WKBN, Fox/Youngstown and my/YTV.  School closings are posted immediately on these sites as soon as the decision is made to cancel school.

The system of posting on the TV stations is web-based, and the our district does not have control on how fast the information is shown by the station.  The stations make every effort to post the announcement as soon as they can.

If you have questions on this article, please contact Mrs. Hood, Champion Schools Superintendent, or Lynda Norton, Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent, at 330-847-2338 or by email at or

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