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three students working in the cafeteria passing out coolattas

CHAMPION — Champion High School students and staff sampled four different flavored coolattas at lunch on Valentine’s Day as part of an entrepreneurship marketing activity by students in the Junior Achievement program.

Each student paid $1 for a coupon to sample the four frozen coolattas of chocolate, caramel, strawberry and s’mores flavors and select their favorites by marking them on charts with stickers which indicate boy, girl or adult.

Rebecca Baxter, a science and STEM teacher, said the students will record the data to see who bought the most of what flavor.After three lunch periods, the groups selected s’mores as the favorite.

“This is real-world experience,” Baxter said. “They’re getting to see what works and what doesn’t work. They’re seeing what hard work has to go into it, that they just can’t put coupons out there.”

The students worked with Junior Achievement to develop a business plan and strategies to see if the idea was worth pursuing. Before buying the equipment, they wanted to find out what students like.

Adam Fisher, 16, a sophomore, said they will ask the cafeteria to consider selling that coolatta or have them make special appearances during the year.

“Being in Junior Achievement, we wanted to come up with something to make the school better, so we came up with the coolattas for the students and teachers to try. We thought this would be a fun opportunity,” he said.

Fisher said students are always thirsty, so the group decided to market another drink option in the cafeteria. The drinks have a coffee and fruity taste to them, he said.

Fisher said they can review the research to market and make the product more profitable.

The students are in the STEM classes and Baxter coordinated the idea with the Junior Achievement program.

Christine Nowery, an interpreter at the school, said she liked the s’mores.

“I think it is a really great idea. The students and staff were excited to give them a try,” Nowery said.

Michele Merkel, president of the Junior Achievement of the Mahoning Valley, said using JA’s entrepreneurial based curriculum students in Baxter’s class created a business plan while learning problem solving, critical thinking, and business strategy skills as well as working as a team.

“This is an example of a student-led business,” she said.

Baxter said the students came up with an innovative way to start a business and sell a product and worked with the school’s cafeteria supervisor Heidi Harper.

Trevor Orr, 17, a junior, said he thought the idea was good to let people sample all four. He liked the caramel.

Baxter said what is most important is gaining real world experience.

The seven JA sessions are helping students to develop a business plan for a new venture start up, Merkel said.

Source: Tribune Chronicle Tuesday, February 19, 2019

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