Champion High School Coffee with Administration and Parents

January 29, 2020


Principal: Tracy Herrholtz                              Superintendent: John Grabowski

Parents: Jennifer Nolan, Kimberly Piros, Heather Knoske, Billie Bugos, Nicole Nott, Brian Bugos, Laura Davis, Laura Haynie


Rules for Driving in the Parking Lot After School

Question:  After school there is a long line of cars to get out of the high school parking lot. Is it true we cannot drive around the building to exit on Ridge Run? Or out of the PK-8 building?

Answer: We recognize that the congestion is an issue after school. The Ridge Run exit has been designated as a bus only entrance and exit to keep all buses free from other traffic, which can be dangerous. Recently, a student accident occurred in that area, as they were trying to get ahead of the buses. Also, it is very difficult for our staff to monitor who is going around the building after school and after the buses clear. The elementary and middle school has their own traffic concerns with vehicles coming and going at middle school dismissal time and elementary dismissal time. Allowing cars from the high school to come around the building to enter that parking lot has also proven to be dangerous. For this reason, we have not allowed that to occur to increase the safety for all. We will look at some possible procedural changes in the future to reduce wait times.


Adding a Building Tour with Freshman Academy

Comment: Some of our children were nervous after the Freshman Academy because a full building tour was not included in the night. Could that be added to ensure they are all comfortable knowing where they will go for every class prior to the first day?

Answer:  The intent was that the student leaders would take all groups around the building. Some of the tours fell short of this expectation. The student leadership committees are beginning to plan for the event next year. The tour will be included for next year and be more detailed to alleviate this stress.


National Honor Society Criteria

Question: When are students eligible for National Honor Society? What are the criteria? Is there a minimum number of hours that students must volunteer to qualify for NHS and how are students selected? How can we learn more about it as parents to guide our students? Can it be added to Freshman Academy?

Answer: Students are eligible to apply for Champion’s National Honor Society during their Junior year. Mrs. Smith, the NHS advisor, holds a meeting for all students who are eligible to apply. Champion follows the National Charter for NHS qualifications, and students are selected by a panel of teachers from the high school. All information regarding qualifying is listed in the Academic Handbook on the high school webpage. As we continue to expand Freshman Academy, this will be a topic that will be discussed when parents and students are together prior to beginning the majority of events for the students.

All eligible candidates who apply have their applications reviewed by teachers and rated. The selection committee then reviews the ratings. Nominees who best exemplify the tenants of the Champion National Honor Society are then chosen by the committee. There is no set number of Juniors or Seniors chosen each year.



Changes in the Alignment of the Science Classes

Question: Some schools in the county have gone to teaching Biology in the 9th grade and Physical Science in the 8th grade. Has there been any thought to making that change in the future to allow students to take more advanced sciences in the future?

Answer: This option is currently being explored as a way to enhance programming for middle school students and create greater flexibility for high school students in the future. This would include offering honors physical science to 8th graders along with Algebra that is currently offered. It requires more alignment of schedules in the middle school and high school. Both buildings are currently working to make this happen for next year.


Champion Grading Scale

Question: Champion’s grading scale is the highest in the county at 94% for an “A”. Does a student that receives a 90% in a college class get an A on their Champion transcript? Kent Trumbull offers scholarships based on student GPA, and this could limit some students from getting scholarships. Has there been any thought to changing it?

Answer: Most colleges and universities do not use grade point average (GPA) as their sole qualifier for scholarship awards. The only way for them to compare the students from one high school to another is standardized test scores. Ohio State University uses ACT/SAT score, GPA, and rigor of coursework taken. Their greatest emphasis is placed on a student’s ACT/SAT score. All students who earn an “A” in a college class receive an “A” on their Champion transcript. If a student receives a 90% in the college class, the teacher records the grade as a 94% on their high school report card.

Champion teachers have been engaged in this conversation in the past, as they are the ones who really determine what “A” work looks like in their courses. Before considering a change, teachers will need to be part of a team to review the grading practices to ensure that we can maintain our high standard of excellence for all students.


Enhanced College Credit Plus (CCP) Course Offerings in the Future

Comments from Mrs. Herrholtz: CHS is expanding the CCP course offerings in the future to replace AP Government with College Government/Politics, to add CCP Music Appreciation, and add a 3 course pathway for economically disadvantaged students. Adding the new courses and restructuring some old courses will allow CHS students who take the required courses to graduate with an Associate’s Degree through Kent State University at the same time they graduate from CHS.

Expansion of high school courses for middle school students will allow greater flexibility for scheduling a variety of advanced and college courses before graduation.




Thank you all for coming to participate in the Champion High School Parent Coffee Dialogue

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