Board of Education Information

Board of Education

Welcome to the Champion Board of Education. Our regular school board meetings are held on the third Monday of the month at 5:30 p.m. in the PK8 Cafetorium.

The Board consists of five citizens, elected by nonpartisan ballot, each serving a four-year term. Members are elected during odd-numbered years. To preserve Board continuity, terms are staggered.

Champion Board of Education
5976 Mahoning Ave. NW
Warren, Ohio 44483

(330) 847-2330 x1 (Superintendent's Office)
(330) 847-2330 x 2 (Treasurer's Office)

John Grabowski (Superintendent)

Laurena Rouan (Treasurer)

Functions of the Board

  • To serve as the school's direct policy making body.
  • To hire and direct the Treasurer as chief of finance.
  • To approve a superintendent of schools and vest such powers in the superintendent as may be legally delegated.
  • To evaluate the Superintendent and Treasurer as directed by Ohio law.
  • To consider, approve or reject policies and personnel as recommended by the Superintendent.
  • To accept a balanced annual budget as presented by the Treasurer.
  • To levy taxes if and when the budget cannot be balanced and meet the needs of the students.
  • At all times the Board of Education remains responsible to the community and students of Champion Schools.

Board of Education Meetings

The Board meets at least once a month, year round. Regular meetings are generally held at 5:30 p.m. on the third Monday of the month. Additional special meetings are held as needed. The dates, times and locations of Board meetings are always available by calling the Superintendent's office. By Ohio law all Board meetings must be held in public.

Executive Sessions: The Board, under Ohio law, may hold executive sessions during its meetings to discuss personnel matters, purchase of property for public purposes, pending or imminent court actions, negotiations with employees, matters to be kept confidential by federal law or state statutes and specialized details of security arrangements. Executive sessions are for discussion only. Any action must be done in open meetings.

Regular Meeting Schedule for 2024    
*January 22               April 15           July 15                       October 21

*February 26             May 20           August 19                  November 18

March 18                   **June 27       September 16           December 16

*Adjusted due to school holiday
**Adjusted due to Fiscal year-end

Note: Special meeting dates and times will be posted on the District Webpage, and in the Warren Tribune (Tribune Chronicle) as required by Ohio Revised Code. 

Usual Order of Business During a Board of Ed. Meeting

1.  Call to order: Roll Call
2.  Pledge of Allegiance
3.  Communications from public on agenda items (not to exceed 15 minutes).
4.  District Highlights
5.  Approval of Minutes of Preceding Meeting (s).
6.  Business of Treasurer
7.  Business of Superintendent
8.  Discussion items
9.  Communications from public-A second session for public communication on non agenda items is set aside at the end of the meeting if time allows.
10.  Executive Session, when needed.
11.  Adjournment

Procedure for Speaking at Board Meetings

  • Visitors are asked to sign in on the visitors' sheet at the door, along with picking up an agenda.
  • Under Ohio Law communication from the public is at the discretion of the BOE. Visitors are given an opportunity under "Communications from the public on agenda items" to address the Board on these items only at this time. The BOE has set a 3 minute time limit for anyone addressing the Board of Education. Each person who wishes to speak at the meeting must first be recognized by the Board President.
  • The person speaking is asked to identify him/herself and briefly address the Board. The Board President may limit the time for presentation, and if there are numerous requests to address the Board on the same subject, the President may select representatives to speak on each side of the issue.
  • If you wish to be placed on the agenda for an issue that is not on the agenda, you must contact the superintendent in writing one week prior to the meeting and ask to be placed on the agenda to address the Board.
  • The Board will not hear personal complaints against school personnel or any person connected with the school district. The BOE cannot discuss and will not hear any item covered under a negotiated contract.
  • The Board shall make every effort to answer public questions. If that is not possible, the appropriate person shall respond to the questions in a timely manner.

Champion Board of Education Dialogue Forums

Every year, the Champion Board of Education conducts two dialogue forums. The forums are one way the Board of Education gathers community input on school matters.

Board dialogue sessions are held with:

  • High School students
  • 8th Grade Students

In addition, the Superintendent with each Building Principal conducts a "coffee with parents" session every year.