Robotics Team Gears up for Championship!

Robotics Team Gears up for Championship!
Posted on 04/26/2024

- Written by Ella W.

Champion High School’s FIRST Robotics Team 2010 has successfully completed their official 2024 season. Since January, Team 2010 has competed in two official events. 

Their first event was the Smoky Mountain Regional in Knoxville, Tennessee from March 4-6. In the qualification rounds, they placed 11th out of 33 teams. During alliance selections, they were selected to join two other teams to form an alliance of three robots. After a full day of rigorous playoff matches, they helped lead their team through numerous victories, ultimately resulting in their alliance placing third overall at the competition.

They also participated in the Miami Valley Regional located Cincinnati, Ohio from April 4-6. In the qualification matches, they placed 25th out of 50 teams. They were not selected to join an alliance for the playoff matches, but they were extremely pleased with their overall performance. 

The team’s performance this season ranked them 24th out of 58 teams in Ohio. This qualified the team to participate in the Ohio State Championship event, where the top 32 teams in Ohio will compete head-to-head to determine the top three teams. While this is an off-season competition that does not count for official rankings, the team is excited to compete and gain additional experience. The Ohio State Championship will be held on May 11th.

Throughout this experience, members of Team 2010 have gained not only life skills, but also a lifetime of memories. Experiences such as FIRST are unique opportunities for students to explore career fields they may not have chosen otherwise, and it helps them to learn the true definition of healthy competition. By working together, they have created a team that they are proud of, the robot they dreamed of, and a legacy for all future members of Team 2010.

The Lightning Bots would like to thank all their families and their community for the unending support they received throughout this season. They would also like to thank all their sponsors, big and small, for their contributions that have helped them to succeed. The team is looking forward to many more successful seasons in the future, and they cannot accomplish that without the generous support of their donors. 

If you are considering donating in any way to the Lightning Bots, you can email [email protected], or you can contact the Champion Robotics Booster president Barb Hummel at (330)-507-6726 to get more information.